Tournaments, Contests and Relative Performance Evaluation


This web site,, provides a directory of scholars who have worked, are currently working or are interested in working on tournaments, contests or relative performance evaluation in general. If you are interested in posting your homepage, (make sure you provide the URL of your homepage and briefly list your research interests).The site facilitates communication between theoretical and empirical researchers via a LinkedIn group,, and a Google e-mail list,!forum/tcandrpe. Click on the links to join the group and email list.

To advertise a working, accepted or published paper, announce events of interest to the members (such as conferences) or otherwise communicate with the members, you have to first join the group or the list and then post your message. Students are encouraged to check the home pages of the researchers in the directory below.


This site was established in November 2006 and is maintained by Theofanis "Fanis" Tsoulouhas at the University of California, Merced.