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*Paul Pecorino

Title IX and the Allocation of Resources to Womenís and Menís Sports

*Paul Pecorino
Department of Economics, University of Alabama

Amy Farmer
Department of Economics, University of Arkansas

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     Last modified: December 14, 2010
     Presentation date: 03/12/2011 4:30 PM in NH 1140, Session C
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As a result of Title IX, there has been a large increase in participation of women in college sports, while menís participation has remained roughly constant. Using a standard contest success function, we analyze the resource allocation decision between womenís and menís sports before and after the Title IX regulation is imposed. If the number of womenís and menís sports is held constant, the model predicts an increase in resources devoted to womenís sports which is matched by a one-for-one decrease in resources devoted to menís sports after Title IX is implemented. Since this prediction is counterfactual, we next consider the possibility that womenís sports are added and menís sports dropped. We find that one possible response to Title IX is an increase in resources devoted to womenís sports with no change in resources devoted to menís sports.

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